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Ossion Face Tonic Pore Toner 200ml

Effectively cleans the dirt and oil accumulated on your skin which cannot be removed by water and soap and relaxes your skin. The burning and prickling sense you will feel on your skin indicate that your skin is cleaned deeply.

Ossion Peel Off Mask 200ml Cucumber

Ossion Peel Off Mask supports your skin to be purified from dust and dead cells. It cleans your skin deeply and gently and helps you remove black spots and prevent them from reforming in regular uses.

Ossion Peel Off Mask 200ml Lemon

Ossion Peel Off Mask peels away impurities like sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. Deeply cleanses your skin and prevents the formation of blackheads. Enriched with Lemon extract formula protects skin’s natural moisture balance and revitalizes.

Ossion Make-Up Fixier Spray 300ml

Ossion make up fixier spray ensurer the make up to smoothly fix on the skin.