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Specially formulated with ingredients rich in amino keratin, the Morfose Amino Keratin Series

supports the strengthening of molecular bonds in the hair.

Amino Keratin Shampoo 800ml

Keratin which forms 65% to 95% of the hair by weight that is an important protein for hair needs always. Ossion Aminokeratin Shampoo that is specially formulated with rich Keratin Amino Acids.

Amino Keratin Hair Conditioner 300ml

Morfose Aminokeratin Hair Conditioner is an intensive treatment that contains keratin amino acids which help to restore keratin of hair needs recommended for all of hair types. It helps to improve the strenght of hair, leaving is smooth and soft.

Amino Keratin 2 Phase Conditioner 400ml

Ossion Aminokeratin Two Phase Conditioner is specially formulated for all hair types. It is enriched with keratin which help to improve the strength of hair from inside out.

Amino Keratin Hair Care Oil 100ml

Ossion Aminokeratin Hair Treatment Oil is a speacilly formulated with Keratin Amino Acids and Argan Oil. It is an intensive leave-on treatment that protects layer of cuticle and reduces flyway without heaviness.