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Morfose Herbal Hair Care Series promotes stronger, healthier

and more vivacious hair with the salt-free herbal formula.

Morfose Herbal Salt Free Shampoo 1000ml

Morfose Hair Shampoo Free Salt with a special formulation suitable for all hair types conditions and energizes your scalp to improve the appearance of your hair.

Morfose Herbal Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 300ml

Morfose Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is designed to reduced the rate of hair loss and maintain the density of thinning hair. Hair is left feeling nourished and revitalised from root to tip, with an energised feel.

Morfose Herbal Anti Hair Loss Serum 10ml x 6

Morfose Anti Hair Loss Serum is specialy formulated for those who have problems with hair loss. It helps to invigotares and strengthens weak follicles, Strengthens nondad and weak follicles, thickens and regenerates hair.

Morfose Herbal Argan Oil 100ml

Corrects frizzies, conditions, humidity resistant. It is instantly absorbed. Gives shine and strength to-dull, lifeless hair. Gives instant and long-lasting softness.

Morfose Herbal Hair Conditioner 5L

Its formula specially developed for all hairs ensures easy combing of hair. It helps your hair to gain the required moisture and shine. It prevents electrified hair and ensures easy hair styling.

Morfose Herbal Hair Shining Moisturizer Spray 400ml

The finishing stylling spray with ultra light plant oils conditions the hair and provide stunning shine and luster. Hair shining /Moisturizer. All hair types. Nourishing and protective .provide lasting radiance without weighing the hair down, protect from external aggressions.

Morfose Herbal Shampoo 5L

The formula specially developed for all hair types will protect natural moisture balance of your hair, providing perfect cleaning and care.