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Specially developed in Morfose Cosmetic Laboratories, the Milk Therapy Series provides the

best of solutions for the worn and thinning hair.

Milk Therapy Creamy Mousse Conditioner 200ml

Morfose Creamy Mousse Conditioner is a unique product that offers intensive care by bringing in the moisture to your hair all day. It also vitalizes the dry and brittle hair thanks to 12 essential amino acids and milk protein.

Milk Therapy Creamy Shampoo 1000ml

Thanks to it’s creamy texture, Morfose creamy milk shampoo containing milk protein and the 12 essential amino acids, moisturizes your hair while cleaning it. It softens the dry hair and ensures you feel this effect for a long time.

Milk Therapy Creamy Hair Mask 500ml

Morfose Creamy Milk with 12 essential amino acids and milk protein provide intensive care by restoring your hair’s former vividness and giving it a smooth feeling. 12 amino acids constitute your hair’s protein tissue and help to repair damaged surfaces. The milk proteins regulate the moisture balance of dry hair.

Milk Therapy 2 Phase Conditioner 400ml

Morfose milky two phase conditioner provides the protection and the care that your hair needs aganist the heat, sun, sea and enviromental factors which are hostiles of the moisture in the hair.

Milk Therapy Hair Serum 100ml

Aims to repair damaged hair with its specially developed formula. The amino acid complex and milk protein ingredients enable restructuring of and provide hair with strength.

Milk Therapy Hair Spray 300ml

Provides care while styling the hair and helps to fix without drying the hair with the nourishing complex content. Ensures long lasting styling without weighing your hair down. Quick dry and non-sticky. Leaves no residue or sediment on the hair surface. Ideal for extremely worn hair types. Strength of hold: 4