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Morfose 10
Color Sprays

Morfose10 Professional Coloring

Morfose10 Hair Colors offer a wide range of colors to suit all tastes.

Its specially developed formulas provide care along the coloring process.


Morfose10 Professional Hair Color Cream 100ml

77 Colors. The wheat protein, oat extract and soybean oil in its formula nourish the hair and help provide the hair with extra brightness and soft appearance. effectively absorbed by the hair, the amino acids in the herbal mixture help strengthen the hair by covering the hair strands and supplementing the keratin structure.

Morfose10 Professional Oxydant Cream 1000ml

The oxidation cream is a creamy liquid that activates the dye. One of the most important elements of hair coloring is the selection of the correct oxidation cream. Please pay attention to using the oxidation cream carrying the same brand with the dye you have preferred. Suitable for all hair types; resistant, natural or sensitive.

Morfose10 Professional Hair Bleaching Powder 1000ml

Provides high performance bleaching and coloring without damaging the hair through the herbal oil complex in its content. Helps nourish hair during the procedure. Bleaching up to 7 shades. Suitable for all hair types; resistant, natural or sensitive. For professional use.

Morfose10 Color Lock Hair Care Series

Color Lock Shampoo 1000ml

Color Lock Conditioner 350ml

Color Lock Shampoo 350ml

Morfose10 Professional Color Lock Hair Spray 400ml

Protects your hair style under any season and air conditions thanks to its enhanced strong formula. Gives shine and vigor to your hair thanks to its contents. UV filters help to protect the color of the hair dye.